Summer Dining Guide 2024

Ocean Odyssey Fresh Crabs

“When a restaurant has a specially designated “Pickin’ Room,” they must be all about them crabs! And they are—the Todd family business dates back to the 1940s as local seafood processors before jumping into the restaurant venture in the ’80s. Over time, Ocean Odyssey has become synonymous with Cambridge seafood culture.” 

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Bryan Roof Sets Out to Find True Maryland Crab Cakes

“Crab season in Maryland is supposed to officially open on April 1. But in 2022, cold waters kept the crabs dormant and delayed the harvest by a few weeks. Travis Todd, owner of Ocean Odyssey Restaurant in Cambridge, Maryland, says, “For the first time in history, we didn’t even have crab cakes on the menu because we didn’t think we could get the meat because the crabs weren’t here yet.” 

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Most People Don’t Know These Small Towns In Maryland Have Top-Rated Restaurants

Ocean Odyssey Steamed Crabs

You can’t escape the word foodie these days and many towns across America are declaring themselves foodie towns. Whether you have a refined palate or just enjoy chowing down on homemade meals, you’re sure to enjoy the following small towns in Maryland that have top-rated restaurants. A few of them may surprise you.

1. Cambridge

Head to downtown Cambridge and you’ll find a variety of eateries from gastropubs to seafood spots. For a more casual meal, like the best crab dishes in Maryland check out Ocean Odyssey.


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From the boat to your throat: The true cost of Maryland blue crabs

It’s not summer in Maryland until you’re tearing into a pile of steamed crabs crusted in Chesapeake Bay seasoning. Known for their delicate and subtly sweet flavor, blue crabs are a perennial icon of Washington region seafood culture. But, for the last few summers, they’ve been more costly than ever before. Low harvests, escalating supply costs, and intense labor shortages help explain why.

Although blue crabs are most associated with the Chesapeake Bay, they can be found in estuary habitats as far north as Nova Scotia and as far south as Argentina and Uruguay. They’ve even invaded Mediterranean waters, preying on local eels. Here in the Washington region, blue crabs are predators to decaying fish and smaller crustaceans, as well as prey to animals like blue herons and Atlantic croaker. Their role makes them integral to the bay’s ecosystem.


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Celebrating 35 Years in Business 

Ocean Odyssey Crab House was recently recognized by Governor Larry Hogan for 35 years in business. In addition to serving as a traditional local landmark in Dorchester County for more than three decades, the restaurant has survived the recent pandemic and continues to stand the test of time. 

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6 Best Things to Do in Cambridge, Maryland

Cambridge is a lovely Eastern Shore city in Dorchester County, Maryland, originally settled in 1684 as one of the oldest cities in Maryland. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the city was known for its connection to prominent civil rights movements, serving as a stop on the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. Since 2003, its charming main street has been designated as a Maryland Main Street, home to lovely shops, dining destinations, and tourist attractions. Nearby, stunning Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge serves as one of the Chesapeake Bay’s most important habitats for migrating bird species and offers a wide variety of outdoor visitor activities. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.

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10 Best Crab Shacks on the Chesapeake Bay

Outdoor Dining Chesapeake Bay Crab Cake

Coastal Living appreciates the true tastes of the Chesapeake Bay Crabs and flavors of Old Bay. They traveled along the Chesapeake to highlight the top 10 places to get your Chesapeake Bay crabs “fix.”

Making the top 10 list, Ocean Odyssey in Cambridge, Maryland ranked 7th on the list!

Starting as a simple crab processing plant, Ocean Odyssey has transformed into an open-air garden featuring craft beer, fresh crabs, and more. Above all, the local community continues to grow its appreciation for the waterfront location. Likewise, the Todd Family (owners of the company) produces and labels their own crabmeat, maintaining the “processing plant” operations. Now, Ocean Odyssey focuses on the restaurant and enjoyment vibes.

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Maryland Crab Houses Worth the Drive

Crab and beer Garden Maryland Crab House

Where are your favorite Maryland crab houses? The answer can be difficult, because many know the state of Maryland, and specifically the Eastern Shore, for its delicious seafood and fresh steamed crabs! Maryland blesses locals with countless crab-centric dining options, all different in their own way.

Are you looking to pick crabs along the Potomac River at locations throughout Southern Maryland? Maybe purchase a bushel of crabs and take them to eat at a nearby beach along the Chesapeake? However you want to enjoy your fresh Maryland crabs, you’ll find something to satisfy your tastebuds.

Ocean Odyssey serves as a great “pit stop” on your way to Ocean City, Maryland! Serving jumbo lump cakes and steamed crabs all year long, locals recognize it as one of the best Maryland crab houses in the state.

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Maryland Hospitality Hall of Honor 2018

Restaurant Association of Maryland Hospitality

The Restaurant Association of Maryland’s Annual Awards Gala in Ocean City highlighted deserving winners and honorees. Ocean Odyssey proudly accepted the induction into the Maryland Hospitality Hall of Honor! The 2018 Stars of the Industry Awards honored restaurants throughout the area for achievements in cuisines and hospitality.

The award ceremony took place on Sunday, May 6th at the Clarion Resort Fontainebleau Hotel in Ocean City. Marking its 18th anniversary, the Maryland Hospitality Hall of Honor recognizes restaurants in Maryland that express this based on their longevity and contributions to customers. Similarly, Ocean Odyssey and all awardees have all been in business for at least 20 years.

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15 Best Seafood Restaurants in Maryland

Ocean Odyssey Mayland Seafood Restaurant

Marylanders take seafood restaurants very seriously, and it’s not hard to see why! Growing up eating fresh crabs, oysters, fish, and seafood, locals consider themselves “seafood connoisseurs.”

It’s impossible to mention every great seafood restaurant in Maryland. More so, you can find some seriously delicious dishes along the Eastern Shore. But, this article highlights some of the best of the best. Ocean Odyssey made number one!

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Top 12 Vacation Destinations to Bring the Family

Top 10 Vacation Destinations

Where are you planning your family’s summer vacation for the upcoming year? Are you looking to surf the waves on the coasts of the Hawaiian Islands, or soak up the sun on sandy white beaches? Maybe you’re looking for a nice family-friendly trip to the Eastern Shore. Cambridge, Maryland made its way onto’s Top 12 Vacation Destinations! They even highlighted Ocean Odyssey for our Seafood and Beer Garden.

They’re right, we serve crabs six different ways! Get your fix of fresh seafood and flavorful Eastern Shore crabs with us.

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Coastal Style Magazine Features Ocean Odyssey

Coastal Style features Ocean Odyssey fresh seafood

Coastal Style Magazine featured Ocean Odyssey in a recent issue. They highlighted the story behind the restaurant business, and shared some the family history involved in the making. 

Additionally, Coastal Style recognized how the establishment continues to uphold its seafood processing and packaging roots. As a family-owned and operated business for over six decades, Ocean Odyssey produces fresh, local seafood. They have expanded to feature a beer garden out front! Surprisingly, Ocean Odyssey is the only place on the Shore that picks, shucks and steams each fish, crab, and clam on the spot. 

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Ocean Odyssey Chef Shares Company Story

Ocean Odyssey Steamed Crabs

Travis Todd, owner of the family-operated restaurant Ocean Odyssey, shares the journey he and his family took in turning the crab processing business into a full-service dining experience. His grandparents’ roots, tracing back to a crabbing business in 1974 along the shore, started it all.

Todd explains the business’s evolution through time, as well as their dedication to recipes and authenticity. The article highlights challenges, achievements, and various pursuits throughout the years. Bringing fresh seafood, steamed crabs, and local flavors to Cambridge, Ocean Odyssey continues to grow in success.

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Steamed Crabs in the Washington Region

Crab House Seafood

On a broiling August afternoon, the sweetest relief comes from gathering around a paper-covered table with hot steamed crabs and cold beer.

The Washington Post spent a few weeks scouting out the best crab houses around. Looking for views, delicious steamed crabs, and even the elusive all-you-can-eat deal, they came up with some nearby locations. As always, Ocean Odyssey made the list! The article highlights the Todd family’s ownership along with their unbeatable tastes and freshness. It also mentions the transformation from simply processing crab meat, to doing that along with operating a restaurant. Additionally, the Post included a few menu items as well. 

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Family, Tradition, and Love for Local Seafood

Ocean Odyssey Local Seafood Dining

Explore the tradition and family story behind Ocean Odyssey! Shorebread, a local online publication, highlights the behind-the-scenes side of the local seafood restaurant. In providing a “daily slice of coastal life,” Shorebread points out this local business’s place in the Eastern Shore community.

Travis and Laura Todd oversee the Ocean Odyssey and Todd Seafood Operations. The company celebrated their 30th Anniversary of the Ocean Odyssey business in 2016. Likewise, they continue to expand and grow their seafood restaurant company and services.

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Dining Traveler: Food Tour of Maryland’s Dorchester County

Eastern Shore Maryland

Food and tourism go together like cheese and wine, peanut butter and jelly, black and white… you get the point! This “Dining Traveler” blog on is all about the best dining experience while traveling. Singling out Dorchester County in Maryland, the blog takes a food tour of local restaurants as it highlights the best Eastern Shore plates to be found. Ocean Odyssey appears for the delicious steamed crabs and seafood! They call the restaurant a “classic seaside joint with vintage Maryland-themed décor.”

As the article states, you can’t be a true “dining traveler” in Maryland without indulging in fresh crabs!

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An Escape to Dorchester County, Maryland

Ocean Odyssey Fresh Crabs

The Dining Traveler, a Travel and Food Inspiration publication, released an article on Escaping to Dorchester County. The publication primarily speaks to readers near the Washington D.C. area. This piece highlights Dorchester County, outside of the Nation’s Captial, as a destination for delicious dining options. 

Specifically, the publication authors, during their excursions around town, stopped in Ocean Odyssey for lunch. Referring to the restaurant as a local favorite, they detail their meals, menu options, and satisfaction with their experience. Of course, they mentioned the coating of Old Bay on their fish tacos!

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11 Best Crab Houses Around the Chesapeake Bay

Outdoor Dining Chesapeake Bay Crab Cake

Grab your mallets and start cracking! The Washingtonian released an article featuring the 11 Best Crab Houses around the Chesapeake Bay. Guess who made the list? That’s right, Ocean Odyssey!

The article features the best of the best, determined by views, tastes, freshness, and atmosphere. Along with praising Ocean Odyssey’s menu options and fresh seafood, they also mention their Maryland and Virginia brews selection. If you’re in search for taste-testing and trying all of the local crab houses, this article features the premier restaurants.

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How to Have the Most ‘Maryland’ Summer Ever

Mug Maryland Crabs Restaurant

In a guide to going out, Fritz Hahn with The Washington Post shares ways to have the best Maryland summer. From exploring the great outdoors to drinking beer and feasting on Maryland crabs, this piece hits it all!

Hahn highlights some of the best places to enjoy Maryland crabs and includes Ocean Odyssey. He mentions how the restaurant started out as a seafood and crab processing company. He also features the outdoor beer garden and delicious menu items.

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Diving Headfirst Into Oysters

Shucked oysters and lemon

The age of industry began in earnest around the mid-1800s. Commercial harvest of wild oysters along the East Coast skyrocketed. At this time, people considered Maryland oysters the largest and healthiest oyster industry in the world. This Capital Gazette article features the history and growth of the oyster industry. Along with that, it highlights some various Maryland locations well-known for their supply.

Ocean Odyssey, when fully taken over by Travis Todd, did not choose to focus on this type of seafood. Their focus, obviously (as it still is today) was crabs! The Choptank Oyster Company, however, provides a steady inventory to the restaurant. The oyster farm is only 10 minutes from Ocean Odyssey.

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Ocean Odyssey Chef: Water Moves Us to Eat Local Seafood

Ocean Odyssey Chef Todd

Throughout the years, owner and Ocean Odyssey chef Travis Todd continues to receive publicity for his accomplishments. Sometimes termed as the “Seafood Chef,” he ties his connections to seafood and Maryland crabs back to his grandparents’ era in 1947. This article highlights his story, as well as some of the mouthwatering dishes the restaurant features.

Although not directly at the chef’s hand, they also mention the seafood restaurant’s selection of craft brews!

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Ocean Odyssey Seafood Restaurant on Endless Vacation | Crabs

Beer Keg

Destination: Maryland’s Classic Crab Houses

Big crowds can mean long waits at Ocean Odyssey. Thank goodness for the newly opened outdoor beer garden, where you can sample craft brews while you wait. (Locals bring in glass growler jars to fill with seasonal microbrews on tap.) Once inside, grab a seat at a table or the long communal counter. An order of steamed crabs is a must: Fresh from the nearby Choptank River, they’re sweeter and richer than bay crabs, and they come doused in a secret house blend of spices. Other specialties include the cornmeal crab balls and, for more extreme eaters, the Bay on a Bun: a monstrosity that is piled high with fresh fried fish, soft-shell crab and oysters slathered in both tomatillo and Marie Rose sauces.

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Ocean Odyssey opens crab and beer garden

Crab and beer Garden Maryland Crab House

Back in 2013, Ocean Odyssey opened the gates to the new Crab and Beer Garden in Cambridge. This new addition is 35 x 20 feet, featuring refillable growlers and even craft beer to-go! The ribbon cutting was in September of 2013. This ribbon cutting kicked off what would become one of the best local spots around. 

About 100 people attended the September ribbon cutting.

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Fresh Seafood at Ocean Odyssey

Large fresh seafood oysters

Once considered something of a hidden gem, Ocean Odyssey has made use of several recent expansions to transform from a processing plant to a farm-to-table haven for fans of fresh seafood and craft beer. This feature article in GO! Magazine hits all the points. From the history to the menu to future success, it shows you what to wear, eat, and know.

Choptank sweets and crab balls are favorites at Ocean Odyssey in Cambridge, Maryland, according to the article. We think the author, Josh Davis, is right!

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Ocean Odyssey wins “Best in Show” prize | Local Steamed Crabs

Ocean Odyssey Steamed Crabs

CAMBRIDGE — Cambridge Main Street announced the winners of the “People’s Choice” balloting at Saturday’s Taste of Cambridge, which drew the largest crowd in its nine-year history with a total sell-out of tickets.

The event showcases Dorchester County restaurants in a competition to see who makes the
best crab dishes in six different categories: Cream of Crab Soup, Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup, Crab Dip, Crab Cake, Specialty Soup with Crab, and Crab Specialty dish.

The general ticket-buying public casts ballots to decide the “People’s Choice” after tasting all 14 entries.

This year, the coveted “Best In Show” prize, awarded to the single best dish across all the categories, goes to Ocean Odyssey for their crab specialty, Blue Crab Claw Fritter.

This year’s “People’s Choice” winners are:

Cream of Crab Soup

  • First Place: Jimmie & Sook’s Raw Bar & Grill
  • Second Place:Cambridge Yacht Club

Maryland Vegatable Crab Soup:

  • First Place: Leaky Pete’s Oyster & Wine Bar
  • Second Place: Suicide Bridge Restaurant

Crab Dip:

  • First Place: Leaky Pete’s
  • Second Place: High Spot

Crab Cake:

  • First Place: Jimmie & Sook’s
  • Second Place: Portside

Specialty Soup with Crab:

  • First Place: Stoked(Crab Gazpacho)
  • Second Place: Blue Point Provision Company at the Hyatt (She Crab Soup)

Crab Specialty:

  • First Place: Ocean Odyssey (Blue Crab Claw Fritter)
  • Second Place: Bistro Poplar (Crab Spring Roll)

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Eastern Shore Eateries

Eastern Shore Eateries Oysters

There is nothing wrong with a little detour to find the ultimate dining options for fresh seafood in Maryland! Eastern Shore eateries are not always easy to find. This article features some of the best locations along the shore, and includes Ocean Odyssey!

The article tells the backstory of the Todd family. It also talks about the transition from a crab factory to a family restaurant! The piece does not fail to mention the craft beer lineup, either. Along with directions on how to get to Ocean Odyssey on Sunburst Highway, the article praises their dishes and fresh seafood options. Check out the other Eastern Shore eateries, too!

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Is your Maryland crab cake ‘True Blue’? | Local Steamed Crabs

Outdoor Dining Chesapeake Bay Crab Cake

Only a small number of restaurants in Maryland reliably make their crab cakes from local crabmeat and the state does not require restaurants to identify the specific source of the meat. It’s time to stand behind our crab cakes and crab meat and proudly support this local luxury. True Blue, a new labeling and promotion initiative from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), is going to be your way to find out which restaurants are serving this local delicacy.

The ‘True Blue’ certification program allows restaurants serving Department-verified Maryland blue crab product to use a special logo in marketing or advertising the product. Once a restaurant is signed up they will receive a ‘True Blue’ logo to signify to their patrons that they are True Blue Certified! The DNR isn’t stopping there; they plan on helping to promote the restaurant’s participation through a new ‘True Blue’ website, a mobile phone app, their social media and the website that gets nearly 100,000 visits a month!

6/29/2012 | Posted by svilnit

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Crab Imperialist by Todd Kliman | Local Steamed Crabs

Local Crabs Sign

by Todd Kliman
If you order a crab cake at a local restaurant, you might assume you’re getting a product from the Eastern Shore. Chances are, it’s from the Far Eastern Shore.

All journeys to enlightenment begin somewhere. Mine began in a grocery store.

I was standing in my supermarket one afternoon about a year ago, considering a black-labeled tin of Phillips lump crabmeat, when my eye fell on this eye-straining, agate-sized disclosure: “Serving the finest seafood in the mid-Atlantic region from the tropical waters of S.E. Asia.”

So much to unravel in a single phrase!

I gave the can a turn, and there was Shirley Phillips’ own “Maryland-style” crab recipe, an authenticating stamp intended to convey to consumers like myself a sense of continuity and tradition.

Phillips was a name I knew well; everyone who grew up in the area knows Phillips. The local chain restaurants were and are friendly, family-style places specializing in seafood, where you can buy T-shirts and crab seasoning on your way out. Legions of college students have supported their way through summers in Ocean City at Phillips. But “S.E. Asia”?